Which role at Beacon Hill is right for you?
Try our 2 minute Assessment Tool to find out!

Please Answer Yes or No to the following 15 Questions:

1. Are you self motivated?
2. Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment?
3. Do you possess strong communication and interpersonal skills?
4. Are you results-oriented?
5. Will you work harder to make more money?
6. Do people say you think quickly "on your feet?"
7. Do you enjoy projects that require Internet research?
8. Are you the friend that everyone goes to for help and advice?
9. Do you enjoy talking on the phone?
10. Are you comfortable initiating conversations with strangers?
11. Are you comfortable promoting your abilities?
12. Do you love presenting in class?
13. I would rather write one 10-page final paper at the end of a semester than 10 one-page papers throughout the semester.
14. In class projects, are you comfortable with BOTH researching and presenting?
15. At a social event I would rather have fewer, longer, conversations with some of my friends, than many, shorter, conversations with most of my friends.

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