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Whether you need a comprehensive MSP with customized VMS and complete RPO, or complex Services Procurement programs, our specialized and distinct service offerings can operate independently or in conjunction with one another as an integrated Complete-Talent Solution.

Allow us to show you how our human capital solutions, whether alone or integrated, can benefit your business.

Complete Talent Solutions

To remain competitive in today‚Äôs market for talent, companies must remain nimble while maximizing their workforce across an entire enterprise.  When separate delivery mechanisms become inefficient, our Complete Talent Solutions model allows for a modular, flexible, and customized approach to address client talent supply chain needs across an organization including contingent workers, full-time workforce, independent contractors and consultants, SOW, freelancers and payrolled workers.


Beacon Hill Solutions offers an MSP/VMS program that goes far beyond traditional supply chain management. Our client-centric, service-oriented, on-site program fully integrates with your business to ensure the highest level of service, support, and results. With Beacon Hill Solutions as a coordinating point of contact for all hiring managers, suppliers, and contractors we can maximize efficiencies while controlling costs, reducing risk, and ensuring a robust talent pipeline to meet all of your human capital and workforce management needs.

We power all of our MSP programs with world-class, leading-edge VMS technology. The right VMS system will support your program from requisition to payment; streamlining and automating the entire process, while providing real-time data and analytics. As a technology agnostic partner, we collaborate with the leading VMS providers in the market; and by remaining neutral we are able to objectively recommend the best system for your unique organization that will bring the greatest value. Once the system is selected, we manage the entire implementation seamlessly.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become increasingly popular as a solution for organizations that do not have, or do not want to house full-time human capital resources for internal employee recruiting. The right RPO solution should be flexible, increase productivity, and maximize ROI. By utilizing our RPO solution our clients achieve world-class recruiting, while allocating their own precious internal resources to other strategic priorities, projects and initiatives. Beacon Hill Solutions offers a wide range of RPO services and will work with you to design the right program for you. 

Services Procurement/SOW Management

Services Procurement/SOW Management includes Independent Contractors, Consultants, Professional Services, and Payrolling. This service offering is especially essential for companies who see their recruitment and employment services usage growing in a decentralized environment, without a true sense of cost or ROI. Because this category of contingent labor is often complex, dynamic, and difficult for companies to manage and control, our clients rely on Beacon Hill Solutions to serve as their MSP for both contingent and SOW delivery to consolidate spend, drive cost savings, and increase visibility across their entire enterprise.


Explore Beacon Hill Solutions' Business Case for more information on the services we provide.

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