Beacon Hill Pharma provides a comprehensive solution to our clients’ Pharmacovigilance (PV) departments. From staff augmentation to project based assignments, our resources ensure that all of our clients’ PV needs are met.

PV Operations

  • Medical Coding (MedDRA, WHO Drug)
  • Case Processing: Data entry, triaging, coding, narrative writing, etc. for clinical and post marketing
  • Scientific Literature Review

Physician Level Services

  • Medical Case Review
  • Aggregate Data Review
  • Risk Management Development and Oversight
  • Safety Signal Detection
  • Submission Writing

PV Information

  • Customization of reports
  • Database subject matter experts (Clintrace, Argus, ARISg, RAVE)
  • PV compliance and quality assurance
  • Auditing of PV Agreements, internal PV departments, licensing partners, PV vendors, etc.
  • Internal tracking of departmental PV Compliance

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