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Learn about what we do, and how we do it, by reading our case studies.

Case Study 1 - Project Management: Antitrust Second Request

Summary: Our Client, an AM Law 100 Firm based in Philadelphia, was representing a major consumer products company in a $2.5 billion merger.

Challenge: The FTC issued a very broad Second Request to the Firm’s client. Substantial compliance required the review of a huge amount of data and documents in a short period of time in order to gain approval and close the deal. The Firm needed a team of contract attorneys and a review center set up quickly in order to meet their deadline.

Solution: Beacon Hill Legal’s Philadelphia team located and secured a document review center in Center City Philadelphia, just blocks from the Firm’s offices. We wired the space for high-speed Internet; provided all necessary technology, including computers, monitors, printers, etc.; furnished the office and lunch room; and supplied basic amenities such as water, coffee and office supplies. Beacon Hill’s recruiting team screened, interviewed and processed conflicts on more than 200 contract attorneys with the Firm ultimately hiring 125 reviewers. We provided three on-site project managers with substantial eDiscovery experience.

Result: The Client saved substantial dollars utilizing contract attorneys on a five month review. The Firm was able to oversee and manage the review at a location just blocks from its offices and the parties obtained unconditional clearance for the merger following an eight-month investigation by the FTC and the Attorneys General of several states.

Case Study 2 - Review Centers: Leveraging Beacon Hill’s National Footprint by On-Shoring

Summary: Our Client, an AM Law 100 Firm, needed 30 contract attorneys for a document review project in Washington, DC.

Challenge: Our Client was working within a tight deadline. This request came in just a day before the long 4th of July holiday weekend in an already very slim contract attorney market in Washington, DC.

Solution: The Beacon Hill Legal Washington, DC team staffed as many reviewers onsite as possible in the preferred location in Washington, DC. Beacon Hill Legal, Washington, DC used its resources to target the market with the most readily-available reviewers. Our Beacon Hill Legal Dallas team had a number of excellent reviewers available. They also provided space, computers, videoconferencing and a project manager within a 12-hour period. The cost of the off-site piece in Dallas with project management ended up being comparable price to the on-site review.

Result: The Firm was able to make its deadline without overpaying despite all the obstacles.

Case Study 3 - Document Review: Highly-Skilled Document Review Attorneys Provided

Summary: Our Client, an AM Law 100 Firm located in Washington, DC, needed attorneys with privilege and privilege log expertise to overhaul a review staffed by a competing agency.

Challenge: The Firm was working with a client with tight budget demands due to the failed first review and had no room for error on this second review.

Solution: Beacon Hill Legal Washington, DC staffed the review with fully-vetted attorneys with significant privilege and privilege log expertise. All reviewers had worked with Beacon Hill Legal in the past and received rave reviews from clients as noted in our national tracking database.

Result: The privilege review and log were successfully completed and in record time.

Case Study 4 - Document Review: Beacon Hill Legal’s Ability to Staff Projects Anywhere

Summary: Our Client, a national law firm, was launching large-scale reviews from secondary and tertiary markets in the Southeast.

Challenge: We have been providing support to them since 2010 and have had projects with upwards of 200 reviewers as well as multilingual candidates from states as far as California to support their projects.

Solution: These projects have all been on-shored to smaller, less expensive markets. In fact, these markets are serviced by our Atlanta office as we do not have existing Beacon Hill Legal offices in these locations. How have we done this? We employ continuous recruitment efforts in these markets, including working with local law schools and recruiting in the surrounding states. We frequently travel to their sites for recruitment, the "kickoff" of projects, and project maintenance and support. Corporations love using our client as they are a well-regarded, full-service, national law firm that has really perfected the discovery process. They have state-of-the-art space, technology and processes and still manage to keep their costs lower than you can find overseas.

Result: Our client has been amazed and thrilled that Beacon Hill Legal has been able to staff numerous reviews for them while still keeping costs down.

Case Study 5 - Specialized Contract Attorneys: Offsite Review Center Staffed with Real Estate Attorneys

Summary: Our Client, a large, publicly-traded corporation, was involved in a major acquisition.

Challenge: Our Client’s headquarters was about 30 minutes outside of Boston and was looking for 100 people with specialized real estate skills. They also did not have enough room to house all of the reviewers they needed.

Solution: The Beacon Hill Legal team in Boston advised this client to host the project in Boston. Beacon Hill Legal Boston took the Client’s in-house legal team on tours of available review space in locations that would enable us to find the amount of people they needed. The Client ended up needing half as many people so we assisted them in setting up a review center in a large training room in their Boston office. Beacon Hill Legal leveraged its buying power with a national computer vendor to rent 50 computers at a discount for this project.

Result: Our Corporate Client was able to complete their work on time due to the fact that Beacon Hill Legal Boston was able to find 50 contract attorneys with specialized real estate experience. Our Client also tapped into our buying power with rental companies to get significant discounts on the computer equipment needed for this project.

Case Study 6 - Contract Support: Multiple Conflicts Analysts Needed for Large Firm

Summary: Our client, the Chicago office of a national law firm, was seeking numerous conflicts temporary employees for influx of new clients, cases and employees.

Challenge: At that time, Chicago’s market did not have enough unemployed conflicts professionals available to staff the project.

Solution: Beacon Hill Legal proposed considering candidates who recently received their paralegal certificates or JD’s and who had proven technical/software skills and would be able to learn the Firm’s conflicts software application.

Result: Client took on five candidates form Beacon Hill Legal, two candidates were ultimately hired on a direct-hire basis, and the Firm’s needs were satisfied.

Case Study 7 - Contract Support: Paralegal Placement

Summary: Our Chicago law firm client needed an experienced paralegal who had extensive Relativity experience.

Challenge: This Client was working with one of our competitors at the time and they weren’t seeing candidates at hourly bill rates that were within the firms budget.

Solution: Beacon Hill Legal presented two litigation paralegal candidates with proven Relativity experience at rates that were budget friendly and more suitable for the Chicago market.

Result: This law firm client hired one of our candidates and three weeks later, took the second candidate that was originally presented.

Case Study 8 - Multilingual Staffing: Multiple Languages Needed for Law Firm Client

Summary: Our Boston client was in charge of a document review project that had documents in twenty-two different languages. Fearing one agency would never have all of these people, they reached out to multiple agencies for candidates. At the request of the general counsel of their client, this firm engaged Beacon Hill Legal on this project.

Challenge: Our law firm client had documents in twenty-two different languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Slovak, Latin, Vietnamese, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Hindi, Greek, German, Thai, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. They needed licensed attorneys to come in and review these documents.

Solution: Our law firm client had offices in Boston, New York and Washington, DC. To find the required number of attorneys fluent in all of these languages, Beacon Hill Legal advised our client to house the contractors in all three of their east coast offices. This would enable us to tap into a much larger, more diverse group of candidates. Our Boston director acted as the single point of contact for this law firm client and worked with recruiters form Beacon Hill Legal Boston, New York and Washington, DC in finding candidates.

Result: Our law firm client engaged four total agencies and used some of their own internal resources to find candidates for this project. Beacon Hill Legal staffed almost seventy-five percent of the total project and our law firm was able to successfully review all of the foreign language documents on this matter.

Case Study 9 - Direct Hire Attorney Search: General Counsel Placement

Summary: Long-time General Counsel at large, privately-owned Twin Cities manufacturing company was retiring. Executive team had a candidate identified but wanted to be certain they were going the right route by hiring that person.

Challenge: The Company is in a very niche manufacturing sector and believed that it was not being aggressive enough in maximizing the value of its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. The outgoing General Counsel was an excellent corporate generalist and served as the only in-house lawyer for the company. He did not have patent background but did a good job in managing the legal work in that area. However, in order to significantly beef up their efforts with respect to the IP portfolio, the Company wanted to hire a new General Counsel who could handle all the general corporate functions but who also had a strong IP background. Not an easy combination to find in a senior level attorney.

Solution: In late Spring 2014, Beacon Hill Legal’s Minneapolis attorney recruiting team met with the executives of the Company along with the outgoing General Counsel to get an in-depth picture of what type of candidate would be a great fit given the new emphasis on IP. Within a couple of weeks, Beacon Hill had presented the Company with three very strong candidates; the Company ultimately chose one of them for the role. The candidate they had identified on their own had a nice resume and a good mix of the required skills. But ultimately the candidate they chose from Beacon Hill not only had a great skill set for the role but also had the right personality to “lead the charge” on the Company’s new focus on IP. The new General Counsel started at the Company in early June.

Result: The Company took the opportunity to see what other candidates might be in the market beyond the one individual they had identified on their own. As a result, they wound up with an excellent, new General Counsel who is very pleased with his new role.

Case Study 10 - Direct Hire Attorney Search: Practice Group Placement

Summary: Established IP partners at a top-tier firm decided that it was time for a change and were seeking a different legal platform. They started thinking about a move because they were called by another agency regarding an opportunity, but due to our long-term relationship with them, they reached out to Beacon Hill Legal.

Challenge: Their practice niche is in a space that is subject to many conflicts. The challenge was trying to find a firm who was not conflicted out and whose current team was lacking in their area of expertise. They also wanted to find a firm that would support the growth of their practice while being flexible regarding the fee challenges of today’s legal costs.

Solution: We spent an evening at dinner really understanding the reasons for a change and what has and hasn’t worked for them in the past. During dinner we spoke about several firms and made a plan to select three firms to confidentially contact on their behalf. In less than a week’s time two members of the group were having face-to-face conversations with the managing partners of the targeted firms.

Result: In a very short period of time we were able to find them an international firm that was excited to have their practice area complement their current team’s practice.

Case Study 11 - Direct Hire Attorney Search: Retained General Counsel Placement

Summary: Retained General Counsel search for a private technology company looking to hire its first General Counsel.

Challenge: The company has multiple offices; the COO and the CEO sit in different offices in different cities. The new General Counsel is expected to work from home, full time, in a third city with significant travel between the two offices. The challenge is to find the best candidate with the skill set to help the company in their current state and be able to take the company public in the next year or so. In addition, the successful candidate must have the ability to work from home and travel at least a couple of times each month.

Solution: Beacon Hill had worked with the COO in a prior position at another company and was very familiar with the working style of the COO. The General Counsel will be reporting to the COO so this knowledge was key to finding the right personality fit in addition to the legal skill set. Beacon Hill identified a select number of candidates both in the third city where they would work from home and additional candidates in one of the cities where they have an office. This process provided the COO with the option to have the General Counsel either work from home or report to an office.

Result: The COO was extremely happy with the caliber of candidates and the choice of where the candidate could be located.

Case Study 12 - Direct Hire Support Search: Intellectual Property Legal Secretary Placement

Case Study 13 - Direct Hire Support Search: Paralegal Needed for Commercial Real Estate Client

Summary: Our Client, a large Atlanta Commercial Real Estate organization, was looking for a paralegal for a newly created position.

Challenge: There were a lot of challenges here. The client did not have specifics of what they were looking for but knew that they wanted to hire someone with corporate and commercial real estate experience. More importantly, they needed someone who could help them define what they needed in this role, meaning they would need someone who had the experience to know what a corporate paralegal really could do. This was an important case because it was a new client, as well as a growing and successful company with potential future needs.

Solution: We identified a fabulous candidate through LinkedIn who was with a corporation that was being acquired and was unsure about how her position would be structured after the acquisition. Our client met with her several times and knew that she not only had the hard skills and experience they were looking for, but also had the entrepreneurial spirit they needed in this role, meaning they had found someone who understood the vision of the company and had a “roll up your sleeves and get to work” type of personality, not someone who needed day to day direction.

Result: Beacon Hill Legal recently followed up with the client, and received positive feedback and reassurance that this was a great match! The client is very happy with the candidate and the president of the company told HR what a great hire she was.

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