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Monthly Beacon Hill HR Job Statistics for October 2021*


New Jobs % Change Over 90 Days


New Jobs % Change Over 6 Months


New Jobs % Change Over 9 Months


New Jobs % Change Over 12 Months

Beacon Hill HR Employment and Job Growth Indexes for October 2021**


Monthly Recession Cycle
Job Index


Monthly Recession Cycle
Placement Index

Beacon Hill HR Contract Employee Percent Change in Wages***

Beacon Hill HR Direct Hire Placed Candidate Percentage Change in Wages***

*New Jobs % Change represents number of new jobs added over trailing three months compared to three-month period 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months earlier, where change is represented as percentage.

**Monthly Job and Placement Indexes examine new job orders and placements, respectively, during the month compared to the first month after the last recession ended (June, 2009 = 0), taking new operations and company growth into account, by representing job orders and placements proportionally based upon the number of Beacon Hill business units in operation (Per Business Unit Value – “BUV”) for each month. Formula is {(Index Month BUV/June 2009 BUV) x 100} less 100. Zero is starting point, 100 is up 1x, 200 is up 2x, etc.

***Average Wages for Calendar Year 2006 is baseline. Percent change for each year thereafter is percent change of yearly average wages for such year over baseline of 2006.

All statistics and percentages are based on Beacon Hill’s actual results across specialty divisions and office locations throughout the country. Although instructive, because Beacon Hill is a growing company with regions, markets, divisions, and practices at varying stages of maturity, such data is not necessarily reflective of the broader US economic and employment markets.

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