Beacon Hill National Security, an operating unit of Beacon Hill Government Services and partner of Beacon Hill Technologies, is a mission support focused sub-contracting partner specializing in identifying, attracting and retaining top-tier resources within the cleared national security arena.

Solutions & Core Capabilities

Beacon Hill National Security specializes in Cyber Security, Cloud Architecture, Application Development, Network/Systems Engineering, Training/Instructional Design and Intelligence Analysis.

Delivery Model – Identify, Attract, Retain, Re-deploy

We believe in doing the right thing and following through on what we commit to. Our approach to alleviating our customers’ pain-points and ensuring we deliver the best resources is as follows:

  • Identify: We have refined how to track down good people and the importance of uniquely crafting our approach for each individual. Our team is always available to carve out time for talented resources to discuss their career goals. In our proactive identification process, we realize there are a multitude of avenues to find these assets but we must be willing and creative in our efforts.
  • Attract: It takes will, perseverance and patience to attract great people. Our team is always willing to speak/meet with top talent, whether it’s an early morning coffee, a late night phone call or a lunch on a weekend, we work around our potential employees’ schedule.
  • Retain: We understand the importance of retaining great people and making them realize they are a vital part of the team. We ensure employee retention for mission continuity by giving them an open line of communication, transparency, teambuilding events, roundtables, recognition programs, employee incentives, medical /health/dental plans, 401K and performance reviews.
  • Re-deploy: Our goal is to have our employees play a role in this mission for many years to come and it is critical to maintain the continuity and lessons learned together as a combined front in allowing our customers to continually meet the challenges ahead.