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Learn about what we do, and how we do it, by reading our case studies and watching our case study recap video below.

Has remote staffing been a challenge for your company? In this short case study video recap, six of our Beacon Hill Associates offices worked together to help a new client with uncertain needs under challenging circumstances. This client worked with other vendors previously and came to us in need of 100 stronger candidates, which turned into 400 over three months.
Our team was able to work together and make this happen. Hiring managers were extremely pleased with our quick turnaround time and talent quality.

Case Study 1 – Call Center

Summary: Our client, a global HR consulting firm advising leading companies on benefits, risk and talent management, needed to expand call center operations to accommodate high volume open enrollment periods as well as surges in call center activity when working with new customers.

Challenge: In order to provide first class customer support, our client was prepared to invest significantly in their national call center operations, but needed to determine where and how to make the investment; they wanted to identify existing locations or potential new cities that would offer the best opportunity for cost effective expansion, while still attracting an expanding pool of talented, highly-skilled employees at competitive wages. In addition, although they needed to hire hundreds of interim employees to support high demand open enrollment periods, they were also interested in developing a large pool of full-time talent to support their consistent growth. They were not only interested in our staffing services, but they wanted us to ensure long-term retention of employees.

Solution: Leveraging our strong geographic footprint, we provided market data, wage information and examples of effective delivery of call center talent in multiple markets. Our client had earned a world-class reputation as one of the best places to work and we advised our client to treat our temporary contractors as well as their full-time employees and to invest in further training at the beginning of assignments. We suggested a performance management program where we received and shared weekly feedback with call center managers. As an incentive to sustain outstanding customer service and be fully committed to a 13 week assignment, we recommended that the client offer the potential for full-time employment at the beginning of every class, converting only the most effective contractors to full-time employees.

Result: Our client decided to open a new center strategically located near their largest customer and invested significantly to expand one of their call center locations in an affordable market, adding multiple floors while designing a state-of-the-art call center. Selection of interim talent and integration into the call center became the same for contract and full-time employees. Prospective temporary employees/contractors interviewed with former contractors who became call center managers to get a sense of what it takes to be successful. In the end, a much greater percentage of our contractors were satisfied with the work site and the company and a much greater percentage converted to long-term full-time employment. Our client consolidated their vendor list, choosing two primary vendors, and we were named one of them.

Case Study 2 – Executive Support, Direct-Hire

Summary: Our client, a major trade association in Washington, DC, needed an executive assistant to support their fast-moving, and always traveling, President.

Challenge: The executive assistant was not only needed to support the President, but over 100 national board members and 7 officers.

Solution: We knew it would be unlikely to find this candidate through traditional ad placement and normal channels. So, instead, we created a proactive plan for sourcing high-level support profiles. We created a list of other trade associations in the area who would have assistants involved in board meetings. Utilizing our referral network as well as making smart calls to the right industry companies, we sourced two quality candidates for the President’s review.

Result: Our client made a hire within two weeks of giving us the search. The executive assistant has been in the role for three years and is happy with her level of responsibility and compensation. The President holds the candidate we placed in extremely high regard, and the company now utilizes us exclusively for all temporary and direct-hire administrative openings.

Case Study 3 – Recurring Contract for Customer Service Team

Summary: Our client, a provider of cloud-based remote connectivity services, has consistent needs to staff its customer service and sales center with smart, engaging, and tech savvy college graduates.

Challenge: Our client hires in classes, due to the amount of training involved to get staff up and running, and we typically only have a few days to staff 20 open positions at a time. The frequency of the requests (approximately once a month), the amount of open roles, and the short duration from request to start date, all pose challenges.

Solution: We devised and implemented a customized recruitment strategy to attract and retain talent in these customer service roles. We created relationships with colleges and universities in the area. We offered unique referral bonuses related to this specific account. We offered pay raises and bonuses for individuals who achieve longevity in the assignment. We managed career fairs entirely to support our client’s needs.

Result: We’ve filled 85% of the seats with a 75% success rate of individuals making it past the training period. Many of our placements have converted to direct, full-time employees and these employees refer additional candidates to Beacon Hill and our clients. The company recently went through an RFP process and chose us as their primary vendor based on cost and quality. 

Case Study 4 – Entry-Level Professionals

Summary: More than half of the temporary requests we receive from clients can be, and are, filled by entry-level professionals with college degrees who have internship and office experience. We are an excellent resource for college graduates looking to earn money while conducting a longer term, career-oriented job search. Often, our college grad temporary employees are offered opportunities to interview for direct hire roles within the client companies we have them engaged on temporary assignments. By making successful placements with these job seekers at our client companies, these entry-level professionals, more and more, are seen as great candidates for our clients. Through consultative advice, we’re able to show our clients that moldable, bright, graduates with potential can be valuable investments for long term employment.

Challenge: Entry-level professionals don’t always see the value in “temping,” often due to not having knowledge of all the benefits. Client companies often feel they need candidates with more years of experience to do what we know to be entry-level work.

Solution: We work with entry-level professionals to educate them on the benefits of temping. Not only do these candidates have an opportunity for compensation, but they can also build their skills, enhance their resume, and gain confidence by working in a professional environment. We work with our client companies to educate them on what great candidates entry-level professionals with college degrees can be.

Result: In just our Washington, D.C. location alone, we saw 68% of our “temporary” placements ultimately earn job offers for permanent employment with our clients. This means that more than 2/3 of the people who were willing to take on temporary assignments, earned permanent jobs because of it.

Case Study 5 – Communications Specialist Direct-Hire for Washington, D.C. Organization

Summary: Our client, an independent 501(c)(3) public interest group focused on ensuring transparency in government and protecting taxpayer interests, needed to hire a communications specialist on a direct-hire basis.

Challenge: This nonprofit, although listed as nonpartisan, had a traditionally conservative-leaning viewpoint, requiring that the communications specialist be passionate about these values and experienced with that type of platform.

Solution: We printed a list of each Congressman who shared the values of this client, and called every office on Capitol Hill to speak with the PR, Media, and Communications staff. In addition, we called all of our clients within this space, marketing the opportunity, and asking for referrals.

Result: We found a candidate who fit the values, culture, compensation, skill set, and location of the position. She started as a communications specialist and received a promotion in less than 2 years.

Case Study 6 – Personal, Family Assistant for Prominent Washington, D.C. Family

Summary: Our client, a prominent Washington, D.C. area family, was seeking a capable, engaging, and skilled personal assistant to work in their home as a “jack-of-all-trades,” managing the household, the children, and the executives. This family needed someone to be heavily involved with family logistics and act as an “air traffic controller” for the hustling and bustling ever-changing family schedule.

Challenge: It is a very personal and nerve-wracking choice to bring someone into your home, welcome them into your family, and give them the keys to your life. This family had three children (pre-teen and teenage girls) who this person would interact and manage on a daily and consistent basis. Responsibilities also included liaising with other household staff, handling errands and projects, organizing family vacations, and being a true problem solver around the house. This person needed top-notch scheduling and organizational skills and a true eye for detail, but also the personality to juggle the minutia of everyday life, including instructions to the driver, checking the linens in the guest rooms, communicating with the florist, and arranging travel to vacation destinations; while still being able to play Barbie with the youngest child. The candidate would also be required to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas and travel with the family over the summer months.

Solution: Filling this position was all about instinct. We began by getting to know the family, their children and the vibe of the household. We were able to pinpoint the qualities to be successful in the role. We created a strategy to target the profile; someone with administrative/executive support experience and a demonstrated interest in working with children and families. Knowing that many college students take on nanny or au pair roles, we leveraged our university relationships to create a steady stream of referrals. We also contacted nonprofits related to children and families to create referral streams with their volunteer coordinators.

Result: After many hours of strategic sourcing and interviewing we filled the position within 60 days, in time for the personal assistant to join the family on school vacation. The opportunity to bond and interact with the family outside of the home assisted in building trust and rapport and our candidate has since received a promotion, a raise, and is now working closely with us to find a 2nd Personal Assistant for the home.

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